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I just got off the phone with a team that works with a major television series shown on CBS (The Good Wife). “They really want to get this right.” “Can you please explain Islam’s position on this issue.” They had a host of questions about some recent events (I can’t share until it is broadcasted) and were looking for a trained person to help navigate the theological and even thornier, cultural issues they planned to address. In short, it was awesome!

It is always a pleasure when people take the extra steps to understand each other. It is scary; but the fruit of knowing and appreciating others is sweeter.

Allah created us to “know” one another. Qur’ān 49:13

Do me a favor and drop the folks at The Good Wife a small note of thanks! Let’s make a difference and change the narrative. We can complain, or we can make a difference by pushing for change.

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